Movies you should watch if you feel like a creative failure

I’ve never felt like a failure for a minute. Just kidding, I’ve spent the better part of my twenties feeling like I’d failed.

In no particular order, here are some films that helped.

Though not all of these films are “feel good”, each of them taught me something invaluable about failure and being an artist… and sometimes misery loves company.


Frances Ha

Why I Love It:
This film made me feel less alone in my struggle of being an “aspiring” artist. I could see myself mirrored in Frances’ excuses and wanted to shake her anytime she was distracted from her goal.

Favorite Scene:
Francis at the dinner table trying to explain she’s a dancer who doesn’t really dance.


That Thing You Do

Why I Love It:
Tom Hanks. It also reminded me that finding success is more about persistence than momentary good luck or fame.

Favorite Scene:
When they’re recording their new album and Jimmy throws a fit and Faye DESTROYS him.


Don't Think Twice

Why I Love it:
I watched this film at one of my lowest points artistically. It both comforted and provoked me. It also made me rethink my definition of my own success.

Favorite Scene:
The car ride with the inappropriate impressions. The girl in the well.


La La Land

Why I Love It:
I know. Everybody loves this movie. Or hates it. Whatever. I needed to feel hopeful about my life when I saw this and it worked. 

Favorite Scene:
When Mia confesses she’s unsure if she’s actually good enough. Ouch. Or anytime Sebastian is ranting about the samba/tapas place and jazz.



Why I Love It:
For a low budget indie movie, with actors who never acted before, this film has a delicacy and power that is truly special. Life is complicated and hard. Sometimes we’re dreaming of what’s next while still dealing with our past. This film traverses these emotions so beautifully it’ll leave you breathless. 

Favorite Scene:
The last scene in the movie. The piano. The crane shot. It all works. 

Posted on July 26, 2017 .