While I haven’t been sharing much lately, I have been writing. I’m starting to dream and brainstorm about my next music project, whether that be an EP or a full album. Until I figure out those logistics though, I wanted to share a snippet of what I’ve been working on as of late.

So I asked (convinced) Joe to shoot a little video this week. What you can’t tell from the footage is that we were both being eaten alive by mosquitos. You can also hear Mowgli running around the yard. But that’s ok. I like the authenticity of what our life is really like. Although, our lives don’t usually consist of me singing melancholy songs with sunlight streaming through the trees... but I can dream can’t I? 

In late September I gathered a few friends together to make a live recording of some songs, new and familiar. You can get this ep “Live from Smoakstack” for free right now on Noisetrade! Click the image above to get it!